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Independent Earth Day Clean-Up

Independent Earth Day Clean-Up

To celebrate Earth Day, Wicomico Recreation & Parks has partnered with Joceanic to host a independent clean-up. Unlike a traditional community clean-up, this one will take place wherever you are located and only with the people with which you are quarantined.

Please only participate if the COVID-19 guidelines for your area allow you to be outside for exercise and walks. Follow all rules and guidelines in-place for your specific area.

Here’s how it will work:
  1. This Wednesday, April 22, get together with your quarantine buddies (AKA the people you live with, not anyone else!).
  2. Sometime during the day go for a walk, jog or just get outside in your own yard. Wear gloves and bring along trash bags.
  3. While you’re outside, collect any trash you see.
  4. Snap a photo of you and your trashy haul and post it. Use the hashtag #WicomicoEarthDay or post it in the Wicomico Recreation & Parks Facebook event Independent Earth Day Clean-Up.
  5. Once you return home, dispose of the trash in your own disposal bin. Immediately and properly dispose of your gloves or throw them in the washing machine along with the clothes you have on.
  6. Disinfect any surfaces or items you may have touched while wearing the gloves. Remember to sanitize the phone you probably used to snap the photo!

  • Date(s): Wednesday, April 22
  • Location(s): Your backyard, street or neighborhood.
  • Contact: James Simmons,
  • Resources:

Additional Details: Don’t forget:
1. Wear protective gloves. Depending on what trash you’re picking up, you might need more heavy duty gloves to properly protect yourself.
2. Be careful of broken glass and items that might be classified as biohazards. If possible, you can place sharp items inside larger solid vessels you’ve already picked up.
3. Bring along multiple bags if you can and place items that are recyclable, and clean enough, in one bag and all the other items into a separate bag.
4. Only go where you are allowed to. There are lots of guidelines in place right now and safety is the priority. Don’t break any rules or jeopardize your safety and other’s safety for this. Unfortunately, there will still be trash to pick up once this is over, so other areas can be cleaned up at a later date.
5. Stay safe, stay healthy and have fun!

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