Wetipquin Park


Dawn to Dusk


3.87 acres


Water, Picnic
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Wetipquin Park is located on Wetipquin Road in Tyaskin, about 20 minutes from Salisbury. Situated along Wetipquin Creek, just next to the bridge, the park provides visitors with a boat ramp and fishing area. Wetipquin is well known as a great spot to launch kayaks or canoes. Paddlers can go under the bridge and explore either Tyaskin Creek (to the right) or Wetipquin Creek (to the left). Following the creek away from the bridge will lead boaters and paddlers to its junction with the Nanticoke River.

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Wetipquin Park, Tyaskin, MD 21865

Latitude -75.8670118  /  Longitude 38.3260844

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